Happy Halloween!

31 10 2016

A Safe and Fun Halloween to all!

From all of us at Jerney Studios and Pinup Industry Magazine!


Flap Flap by Jim Blayney





It’s Live!!!

21 09 2016

Thanks to all for your support in making Pinup Industry Magazine a reality!!

Please enjoy!!

Pinup Industry is open!

23 05 2016

Please head over to http://www.pinupindustry.com for the latest information about the Pinup Industry.

If you are an Illustrator, Photographer, Model, Set Builder, Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and all artists, We want to Hear from YOU!!!!

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We will cover anything from new cameras, the latest software and updates, makeup trends, photo props, illustration tools, 3D software and so much more!!

Follow us today! http://www.pinupindustry.com

Thank You!!


Pinup Industry Magazine

25 04 2016


Please check out Pinup Industry a new business magazine for Pinup Artists and Professionals.

We are creating a magazine for all pinup artists and professional. If you are an illustrator, photographer, model and more, we’d love to hear from you!! Let us know what you want to see and hear about.

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Sign up at www.pinupindustry.com to get the first word on the upcoming premier issue!

And follow us here to hear new and upcoming information




Thank you!


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Lupine Love

22 04 2016

Lupine Love Plant that is!!!

This little one is making its debut on Earth Day!


love plant copy

Have an Amazing and outdoorsy day!


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St.Patrick’s Day Pup

17 03 2016

Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all!

So a little fun on this fabulous day with the happiest dog on Earth.

Our Golden Retriever, Duke!

Happy Duke

Then there is Cool Dog Duke!

Cool Dog Duke

And finally…Dog walks into a bar….

Dog walks into a bar

Dog Treat Bar that is….. 🙂

He’s awesome and so is all my family that continues to help me in all that I do!!!


So here is the techie stuff if you are interested. I shot these with a Canon 5D Mark II at F11, 1/60 shutter speed and ISO 100. I zoomed in anywhere from 80-100mm. For this shoot I used 3 Canon 600 ex-rt speedlites with the  ST-E3-Rt Transmitter.

So here’s what it looked like

Set up 1

And it you were wondering what is on the two speedlites that lite the background. Well I sort of didn’t have a green gel to go over the speedlites to make the green color that you see in the background. So I sort of improvised.

Multipurpose filters. And I will be sporting one of those later today!

The only big regret I have is that during the shoot I missed some really cute shots because I didn’t put in new batteries before the shoot. If I would have put in new batteries my speedlites would have recycled faster and I would have gotten those shots.

But no time for regrets now, It’s Time to Celebrate!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all,




Lighting experiment

16 03 2016

So we have a lot of dolls around the house!

And my daughter nicely let me borrow her American Girl doll of the Year, Lea Clark, for this fun lighting shoot. This is an extension of my last shoot that dealt with using a gold umbrella to light the subjects. It was interesting to see how it looked on fur of the cats last time, so now I thought I would try it on a different subject.

All the images were shot at F8, 1/125 shutter speed and an ISO of 100. I used my Canon 5D Mark II for this shoot and was zooming around 60-90 mm.

First let’s look at Lea using the golden umbrella

Golden Lea 1Golden Lea 2

Now here is Lea using a standard umbrella.

Lea 1Lea 2

So a very huge difference.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or comments, please leave those below.

And Lea was a perfect subject! A great American Girl!




The Midas Touch

7 03 2016

So I never bring out a gold umbrella that I have, and thought what the heck 🙂

In the following images all were taken using a golden umbrella attached to a strobe. The camera settings were F 8.0, 1/125 sec and 100 ISO using a Canon 5D Mark II.

I wanted to show a bit of a contrast in my subjects so first I chose Murdock on a black paper background.

Looking offRwhatR

Then I went to Bruce on the black background.


And this next one I call crumbs. LOL


Bruce what a mess! LOL! Clean that mouth up before pictures! LOL!

Love these cats!!!

But I would love to hear from all of you, which cat really makes the gold umbrella and black background work.



Cleveland Auto Show

2 03 2016

There is still time!!

Go check out the Auto Show http://www.clevelandautoshow.com

A great place to check out all the vehicles and spend time with family!

Ford Robot

jeep line upRam sign

As always the Auto Show brings a twinkle to everyone’s eye.

Girl in Ford truck

And we even got to see BMX riders from http://www.thrillerbmx.com

superman bike




Well worth the trip!




Pleasant Porcelain

23 02 2016

So during the morning walk, we encountered this…


And I decided to turn it into this….

IMG_1581R-onone-email logo

Over 80 layers in Photoshop!!!!

Crazy stuff! I used PixelSquid for all the elements that you see except for the toilet, which I clipped out in Photoshop. BTW, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PixelSquid

https://www.pixelsquid.com Check them out they are free!

What makes PixelSquid amazing is that the elements can be brought right into Photoshop and then turned and flipped all around. It’s a Dream!!

Then after all the flowers, rocks and clouds were added I went into the OnOne Plugin (Another awesome piece of software-https://www.on1.com) and added Charge More-Normal at 50% and a big softy vignette for a finishing touch.

If you liked to learn more about this project, please feel free to comment and I’ll answer any questions that you have.

Have an Awesome Day!