It’s Live!!!

21 09 2016

Thanks to all for your support in making Pinup Industry Magazine a reality!!

Please enjoy!!

Please help us win :-)

19 07 2013

We have entered our app in a fantastic contest and need your support! Just click on the link below there you will see images of our app and a red badge at the bottom of that page. Please click the badge and appreciate us! Thanks so much for your time!!!

A Day in Cleveland

30 06 2013

Wanted to take a minute to announce a new app that Vicki and I made about Cleveland. As many of you know Vicki formed Jerney Studios a few years ago for her photography work. As time went on we thought why limit Jerney Studios to just photography?! So we combined our skills and talents to create a new product that we can offer potential new customers… And “A Day in Cleveland” was born! We spent a cold February day in Cleveland with Vicki hopping in and out of the car to snap some images. She did all the postwork as well. I came up with the design and functionality. It’s a light hearted app that showcases some fun and not-so-usual places that you could visit in Cleveland.

So download it and let us know what you think? And let us know if this is something Jerney Studios could create for you!


iPad and Fire

28 04 2012

We’re a third of the way through 2012 and the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market with 73% market share according to Forrester Research. That is astonishing! But in actuality, it’s not much of a surprise, as these numbers fall right in line with the tablet magazines that I work on daily. Some of the titles have over 7,000 downloads through the Apple App Store, while that same title has barely passed the 20 download mark on Google’s Play Market. Both versions have been given the same amount of marketing, but it’s apparent people just aren’t using Android tablets. But there is one exception. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has managed to snag over 50% of the Android tablet market share. Which is quite impressive since it’s debut in late 2011.

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