Happy Halloween!

31 10 2016

A Safe and Fun Halloween to all!

From all of us at Jerney Studios and Pinup Industry Magazine!


Flap Flap by Jim Blayney





It’s Live!!!

21 09 2016

Thanks to all for your support in making Pinup Industry Magazine a reality!!

Please enjoy!!

American Stamped Concrete Goes Vertical

16 10 2015

Recently, I created a time-lapse video for American Stamped Concrete. 

They wanted to create a video that showed and highlighted an amazing process of using concrete to complete an outdoor patio project. In this case the beautiful patio was enhanced with vertical concrete for the grill/bar area and curved benches. If I didn’t see the process taking place I would totally not believe this is concrete. It looks exactly like STONE! The WOW factor is unbelievable!

So please check out their YouTube Channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8sNrkOLS8sJiQQvX_sOb2w and watch the video.

And go to their web page at http://www.americanstamped.com to check out some pictures of the finished project and other projects that they have done.

And here’s a peek….

Vertical Carved

Vertical Carved


CRICKETS! Yummy, Yummy!

9 09 2015

I had the pleasure of shooting the cover story for QA Magazine. All about the human consumption of crickets! It is so interesting and yummy!!


Here is the link to the full article and magazine.


DIY Photo Booth

20 11 2014

I keep on seeing a really cool DIY around the net and just wanted to try.


So this is what it looked like….


So this is what I used…

-Canon 50D with a Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens


-work light with a LED 100 watt bulb and a 200 watt incandescent bulb


-red piece of cloth from Jo-Ann Fabrics

And now it begins…………………

First, I clamped on the red clothes to light stands. Really the cloth could be put on anything like a ladder, sturdy floor lamp or even tape/tack that cloth right to the wall.

Then the light was clamped to a chair. To give it more height I stacked a chair on top of a chair and put that on a table. Perfect! Even my kitty liked it(she’s the black ball under the blue chair).

Then I used my camera on the tripod and shot away.

****Quick Tip*****   At first I was annoyed because my photos were turning out blurry. I realized that when I put the timer on the camera, the camera was focusing on the backdrop and not me when I got in front of the camera. That is why the floor light with the piece of paper is in the picture above. The floor light was my stand in until I could jump in front of the camera.

Ok so here one of the images with the 100 watt LED bulb. Shot at 1/64 sec at f/8 1250 ISO


I really wanted more light so I put in a 200 watt incandescent bulb and here are the results


I definitely got more light on this one but a harsher shadow on the background. By the way, the specs were 1/64 sec at f/8 ISO 400.

Now to deal with the harsh shadows I added an umbrella. I wanted to try tissue paper over the work light but my daughter crafted it all away without me knowing. LOL

Here is a picture of the umbrella clamped on the chair hanging over the work light.


And the results……


Really nice 🙂 The specs on this one were 1/32sec at f/8 ISO 800.

After doing this exercise I think this would be really fun to have set up in the corner of a party with all kinds of props. The only thing I might add is another light to help light up more people that might jump into the shot.

Enjoy and Party On!


light art

11 11 2014

I absolutely love when you see people using light to create their artwork. So recently I saw how people were using mini maglite’s to create streaks of light in their photographs.


It was so easy to do and got the whole family involved. Not only was it fun but I could see some of the photos getting printed and framed for presents to others.

So on the technical side….

all you need is

– mini maglite ( less then $10- I found it at Wal-Mart)

-camera that you can take a long exposure

-tripod to keep the camera stable (but i didn’t use one for these…Just having fun in the spur of the moment)


First you have to turn on the maglite and then keep on unscrewing the top so only the light bulb itself is showing. The great thing about these lights is when the top is off the light will stay lit. Then turn down the lights in the room. Next the camera needs to be set at a long exposure (for most of my experiments I had the camera on shutter speed priority for 8 to 15 seconds at 100 ISO) Finally shoot away!!!!

Here are a few of my examples. None of these have been edited. These are right from the camera.


IMG_4578-R IMG_4585-R



Creative Alert!

1 02 2013

I want to get people together to talk and create art.

If you are a painter, photographer, sculptor, musician, crafter, writer….whatever.

Let’s share what we do over coffee…

Let’s create art together…

We can make this group whatever we want it to be 🙂

Email, call or text me if you are in the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area

vicki@jerneystudios.com or 330-203-8374

Peace ~ Vicki