St.Patrick’s Day Pup

17 03 2016

Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all!

So a little fun on this fabulous day with the happiest dog on Earth.

Our Golden Retriever, Duke!

Happy Duke

Then there is Cool Dog Duke!

Cool Dog Duke

And finally…Dog walks into a bar….

Dog walks into a bar

Dog Treat Bar that is….. 🙂

He’s awesome and so is all my family that continues to help me in all that I do!!!


So here is the techie stuff if you are interested. I shot these with a Canon 5D Mark II at F11, 1/60 shutter speed and ISO 100. I zoomed in anywhere from 80-100mm. For this shoot I used 3 Canon 600 ex-rt speedlites with the  ST-E3-Rt Transmitter.

So here’s what it looked like

Set up 1

And it you were wondering what is on the two speedlites that lite the background. Well I sort of didn’t have a green gel to go over the speedlites to make the green color that you see in the background. So I sort of improvised.

Multipurpose filters. And I will be sporting one of those later today!

The only big regret I have is that during the shoot I missed some really cute shots because I didn’t put in new batteries before the shoot. If I would have put in new batteries my speedlites would have recycled faster and I would have gotten those shots.

But no time for regrets now, It’s Time to Celebrate!!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all,




B Batteries?!?

16 10 2012

Ok, I saw this today and thought “Wow” that is interesting!

So I thought I would share. Here is the link

Peace ~ Vicki